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Project 3

Cases and Places #2

My brief research on the matter of copyright material consisted of surfing to a variety of clip art sites and to some sites on copyright law. On the clip art sites I saw images that were marked in one of two ways: Copyrighted images and Public Domain images. I came to the conclusion that Copyrighted images are considered intellectual property and the only way to legally use these images is to purchase them from the owner or get his/her consent to use them. The following are some quotes taken from pages that have copyrighted material on them.



In contrast to Copyrighted images are Public Domain Images. Public Domain images are free to the public. Anyone can use them.


Cases and Places #5

GIF89a images are several GIF images put together that provide motion to a web page. This is very similar to how animators create cartoons.  They draw a number of pictures that show some kind of motion.  Then use a GIF animation program to put them together.  There are several different manufactures GIF editors, such as:   Animato v1.0, Gifcon WIN95, GIF Animator v2.0 or AniMagic GIF 32 are a few.