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Project 2

Sites I Dislike!!
Sites I Like! I like this site for a number of reasons.
  • It is easy to jump to the specific component that I want information about.  It is well organized.
  • The graphics are simple.  It does not take very long to load.
  • The links are good.
  • 11 advertisements on both sides of the page.  Too many.  Those ads do not make me want to visit this site very often.  Usually one goes to a web page to get information, fast.  This site does not inform me very well but really tries to get me to buy something. 
  • Not enough detail in stories.
  • The want ads rely on pdf files.  They take a long time to load because the computer has to open another program to see the ads.  Waste of time.
  • I liked this site mostly for the content. 
  • It provided an overall plot to the first 3 movies.
  • A brief description of all the chasracters. 
  • All the links worked.
  • I like this site because it is dependable.  I visit it often.  It is not slow.   It is accurate.  It is updated often.  The graphics do not take too long to load.  It does not take a long time to find the information thay you are looking for.


  • This site is aweful. 
  • The main page is: UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
  • The graphics do not load on this browser.
  • The page takes an extreamly long time to load.